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You can see notice method of receiving and movement after receiving TAGCAST-Beacon signals on the sample apps Ryouhan-ichiba (Volume sales market). You can download this sample app and source after registration.

iOS | Android

When receive TAGCAST-Beacon,
display receiving page.

Notice method of apps when receiving TAGCAST-Beacon signal.
- (void)tagcastManager:(TGCTagcastManager *)manager
didScannedTagcasts:(NSArray *)tagcasts {
… Please code the proceed after receiving TAGCASTBeacon, (Ex: Get the point after check in.) …
App can get the response from the TAGCAST-SDK on each event of receiving (didDiscoverTagcast) or total result while regular interval (didScannedTagcast or didScannedStrengthOrderTagcasts).
When the app receives the response from the TAGCAST-SDK, show the check-in screen.

After receiving beacon,
make an effect, such as check-in.