TAGCAST launches development of digital ink including location information

TAGCAST cooperates on the project that makes the system linkage between Wacom digital pens and location information technology. It is currently under development. We are going to carve out new markets in business and entertainment fields by linking location information to digital interface devices that Wacom Co., Ltd. offers. Now several possibilities are born: "Big dataink," which can trace by embedding a signed date or place; "Secure ink," which can be displayed only in the specific place; "Location pen," which can be changed color or function depending on places.

Possibilities of the digital ink and the beacon technology

Wacom has the digital pen technology represented by a stylus pen, and the digital ink technology that makes data transfer across the OS platforms. On the other hand, TAGCAST has TAGCAST-Beacon which broadcasts signals to space, and has PaperBeacon which sends signals to the surface. The combination of those devices and use cases has unlimited chances and generates the future solutions.

Use with TAGCAST-Beacon (space)

Written with a digital pen that receive location information, memos or illustrations can record location and date information. It is helpful for file organizing, file reference, data interchange, or data analysis.

Use with PaperBeacon (surface)

The place for the signature can be confined to the PaperBeacon (sheet) installed table. It makes possible to designate the place of the signature or prevent impersonation.