Fusion products of light and beacon “ LEDBeacon®”On sale June 2015

June 30, 2015 TAGCAST announced an additional information for the specifications and the price of LEDbeacon.
As for inclusion of beacon in office, LEDBeacon is effective.

LEDBeacon is one of best products for providing exhaustive indoor positional information in facilities. LEDBeacon not only solve providing power. Lightings are installed at even intervals where required lights.


Bulb type

Fluorescent lamp type

Only change ordinal light to LEDBeacon, it becomes possible to provide accurate position information without impairing scenery. LEDBeacon is best way of providing indoor location information.

LEDBeacon provide positional information

LEDBeacon is LED light fused light and Bluetooth transmitter "TAGCAST-Beacon" , notices positional information. We are planning many type of LEDBeacon.

There are no rooms without lights

Generally say lights are installed orderly, so positional information installation will be suitable and comfortable. And changing incandescent lamp to LEDBeacon will be energy saving.

Introducing movie

This movie is demonstration of TAGCAST app using LEDBeacon. It can check app movement by turn on or turn off lamps.

Specifications and price of LEDbeacon

Bulb Type

Name : LEDbeacon
Type : Built-in BLE circuit board,
Bulb type, 5W
Light Color : Warm White
Base : E26
Frequency : 50/60Hz
Voltage : 85V-265V
Incandescent Equivalent : 40W
Luminous Efficiency : 80lm/W
Color Temperature : 3,000K (Warm White)
Lifetime of Lamps : 30,000 hours
Wattage : 5W
*Not Dimmable
*Non-waterproof type
*Operating temperature -10℃ - 40℃
*We also receive requests for change of
specifications separately.
Initial costs : starting from ¥3,000 plus tax
Operational costs :
starting from ¥600 per month plus tax
*Operational costs include upkeep of LEDBeacon
and supplying location-based management system
*We will give you an estimate separately depending
on how you use LEDBeacon.

Fluorescent Lamp Type

This type needs a fixture for LED.
There are some conditions of adaptation to the specifications of LED lights and fixtures.
We recommend that you ask for more information before you introduce it.