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- Increasing Work Efficiency in Any Reporting Works -

We may not be able to communicate sufficiently by phone or e-mail.
Also, we cannot know the location by only taking pictures.
InspectionPen is an innovative product that allows you to make any reports on site: test results, progress, operating instructions.
You can make a report with the same usability as a camera, paper, and a ballpoint pen.

Progress (construction)

Keeping safe (factory)

Maintenance (machine)

Display (store)

Guide (real estate)

Observation (research)

Patrol (facility)

Examination (hospital)

InspectionPen (The stand alone version)

The main uses of the stand alone version are proposal by agents and conducting feasibility studies.

- Features -

1. Put the image (e.g. drawing) in the device

Put the blueprint or pictures of the test objects into the device.

2. Make inspection pages

Choose pictures on the Top screen, And make pages, Then you can start inspecting.

3. Conduct an inspection

Shoot a test object with the camera.

4. Make a report

You can capture the image into the drawing by touching a tablet screen with the pen.

5. Add comments

Write in handwriting on the captured image.

6. Release a report

You can share a report via Cisco Spark on site.
*Network connection is required.

Cisco Spark- Sharing Work Progress in Real Time -

Efficient group work
(Share information with coworkers
in each place)


Automatic display of drawing

(Reduce time to search and mistakes)

Browsing history


(See where people are working now)

Entry control

*Cisco Spark can be used for free.
*Dedicated equipment is required for the automatic display of drawing and traceability.

- Streamlining the Workflow Further with Options -

Location information technology

Room layout or an equipment document is automatically displayed on a tablet. As the time to search a document or risks to make mistakes will be reduced, a non-experienced person even can use it easily.To try the automatic display function of drawing or the traceability, which linked with the location information, the following equipment is required separately.

*TC-Beacon ×1 (Identifies within 10-20m) Initial fee:JPY0 / JPY500 per month (tax excluded)
*PaperBeacon ×1 (Identifies a table) Initial fee:JPY3,000 / JPY800 per month (tax excluded)

Work with cloud computing or groupware

By sharing the report with coworkers on the spot, we can achieve Faster, Smarter, and Seamless inspection work. It allows us to detect and fix abnormality early to prevent big loss, or achieve traceability.

*We will estimate the cost separately for each case.

- Pricing -

feel™ by Wacom

- The stand alone version -
Products: Dedicated application, compliant device.

*A compliant smartphone is required separately. Compatible models: Samsung Galaxy series (e.g. Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Note8)
*The compatible tablet model is Galaxy Tab S3 (March 2017, US) and arrows Tab F-02K (docomo).

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