In this world,still many places Unreachable by GPS.

Indoor Location Technology "TAGCAST"

It is now a commonplace to use smartphones as a navigation tool. However, there are still a number of places GPS can’t reach, such as indoors and underground.

Indoor location technology TAGCAST will make up for what GPS can’t do. TAGCASTBeacon makes it possible to use location information in GPS-unavailable places.

Patent of TAGCAST No.5650870 No.5723032 App control with signal strength
Digital ink including location information WACOM X TAGCAST
LEDBeacon Hybrid product of light and beacon
PaperBeacon Surcace authentication beacons that identitify a tablet
InspectionPen feel™ by Wacom The Fusion of Camera, Pen, and Location Infomation Will Break the Mold of Conventional Inspection Works Microsoft Innovation Award 2017 FINALIST
Microsoft Innovation Award 2016 FINALIST

Depending on where you are, app functions are changing every moment.


Indoor location information enables Visit Confirmation and Table Confirmation. Visitor experience of shopping and sightseeing will be evolved dramatically.

Stores and smartphones are in sync with each other.

Makes shopping more convenient when stores team up with smartphones.

Coupons, orders, etc.
(Indoor location information)
Visit Confirmation


  • Space-saving

    A small TAGCAST-Beacon is powered by a battery, so you can put it anywhere.

  • Use for Free

    TAGCAST Cloud and TAGCAST SDK are provided for free, so anyone can make a TAGCAST-compatible app.

  • Controllable Signal Distance

    Beacon’s signal is controllable, so it suits for a variety of applications or services.(Applying for an international patent)

  • Multiuser Support

    TAGCAST-Beacon doesn’t cause time lag no matter how many people use it.

  • Reliable Quality

    Made-in-Japan quality guaranteed.
    The fact that public institutions introduced TAGCAST proves our reliability.

  • Patent Obtained

    We obtained a patent, which is an integral part of our location-based services that control a smartphone app by specific signal strength.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Oct. 2014

    The Grand Prix in Social Innovation Category of the CEATEC AWARD 2014

  • Feb. 2016

    The Top 30 companies of the IoT Lab Selection, the IoT Acceleration Lab of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Apr. 2016

    The finalist of the Microsoft Innovation Award 2016 ("Putmenu", Ordering system)

  • Sept. 2016

    Certified Business by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

  • Mar. 2017

    The finalist of the Microsoft Innovation Award 2017 ("InspectionPen", IoT inspection)

  • Apr. 2017

    Award for Excellence of the FinTech Business Contest by 6 regional banks ("Cash at", Cash withdrawal without ATM)

Brand new indoor-location-enabled services have launched one after another Depending on your idea, you have a huge opportunity to pioneer a new market

  • Map, Floor Guide

    Department store, underground shopping mall and etc…
    TAGCAST can provide location-based services even if GPS is unavailable.

  • Check-in Coupon

    TAGCAST can provide customers with in-store digital coupons and send them suitable recommendations depending on where they are.

  • Museum

    TAGCAST can show visitors a description of every exhibit. No need to control an audio guide. Visitors can automatically receive a description as they move around in a museum.

  • Ad and Signage

    You can provide information linked with digital signage. Let’s say, someone is passing by an ad and suddenly he or she receives a notification on his or her smartphone, which leads him or her to an EC website.

  • Use for Amusement

    Use TAGCAST for treasure hunting, escape game, or stamp rally (collecting a series of stamps at railway stations, tourist spots and etc.). With TAGCAST, a fun idea is limitless.

  • Payment

    Walletless and cardless payment will come true with TAGCAST. You’ll be simply taping on your smartphone to pay. That’s it!

  • Research and Marketing

    You can get the following customer information: how many times customers visited your store, how they moved in-store and how long they stayed there.

Spot Stamp rally can easily to hold indoor or outdoor digital stamp rally whereever you want.

Only starting "Spot Stamp rally" app at a “Spot” where a stamp is set into, users can get the stamp. Once users collected stamps in certain condition, prize reception page is shown. In the app, cheerful animations and sounds amuse when an users gets a stamp instead of ordinary ways on a sheet of paper.

Considering introducing our service?

  • TAGCAST Cloud and TAGCAST SDK are free to use. If you want to use TAGCAST for your app, you have only to embed its SDK in it.
    Location-based service: 500JPY/month
    Initial cost: free Including one TAGCAST-Beacon

  • The service officially launched in July 2014.
    If you need the latest information, please register from below.

Location information service available for 500 yen / month (without tax)

Stores can introduce one TAGCAST-Beacon
free for initial cost to attract customers.